Is Auchentoshan a good whisky?


Is Auchentoshan a good whisky?

A light, bright whisky with plenty of vanilla sweetness at its centre – great as an aperitif dram.

Is Auchentoshan Three Wood good?

Palate: It is a sweet whisky, with hints of nuttiness and dark chocolate. Finish: Fantastic in the finish. It’s long with essence of toasted oakiness. w/ Water: The addition of water really pronounces it’s overall woody nature, not bad but better without.

Is Auchentoshan American oak good?

Based on 202 votes, the average rating for Auchentoshan American Oak is 7.1/10. Top reviews for Auchentoshan American Oak: ― I love this Scotch! Smooth, full flavored and great for sipping!

Is Auchentoshan a lowland whisky?

Discover everything Auchentoshan has to offer and what sets it apart as a Lowland Single Malt with a defined sense of identity and range of whisky with character. Let us introduce you to the pride and joys of our distillers.

How do you drink Auchentoshan?

How You Should Drink Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

  1. Straight.
  2. On the rocks.
  3. With a bit of water.
  4. With club soda.
  5. With ginger ale.

What kind of whiskey is Auchentoshan Three Wood?

We will be publishing a mix of old and new reviews from them as time goes along. Auchentoshan (pronounced “och’n’tosh’n”) is one of only six Lowland Distillerys.

What kind of spirit is Auchentoshan single malt?

Auchentoshan is usually known as a light, gentle spirit, originating from the Lowlands which is also known for producing generally light, gentle spirits. Auchentoshan reinforces this reputation by triple-distilling its malt in the Irish style.

Which is better three wood or double distilled whisky?

By its very nature, triple-distilled malt whisky has fewer flavor compounds – by volume – than spirit distilled by the more usual double distillation. It also has less bad flavor compounds, so the style has its proponents. Throw all that out the window, though, if you’re looking at Three Wood.

How long does it take for three wood whiskey to mature?

The Three Wood is then matured in, as you might have guessed, three different barrels. First is the American Bourbon barrels where it matures for 12 years then it is transferred to Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks for a year. That is enough to make a great tasting scotch right there but they don’t stop at just great, they head for the sublime.