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Is there a wiki for Young Justice?


Is there a wiki for Young Justice?

The Young Justice Wiki is the #1 resource guide for all things related to the Young Justice animated series and related works, such as the companion comics and the video game. We are currently housing 1,478 articles and hosting 2,159 images since August 2010. Warning: Spoilers are to be expected when browsing the wiki.

What was the error code in Young Justice?

(Error Code: 102630) Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League. The Light calls a summit to decide the final fate of Aqualad, the team and the entire planet Earth!

What happens to the teenagers in Young Justice?

In response, the League organizes the teenagers into an apprentice team to both be trained and act on behalf of the League at their own pace. Now these teen superheroes, soon strengthened by more members, must battle the forces of evil in their own way, even as the mysterious cabal known only as The Light has a sinister agenda of their own.

Who is the Mother Box in Young Justice?

In this series, Halo is possessed by a Mother Box, instead of an Aurakle like in the comics.

Who is the Oracle in the Young Justice series?

Oracle is the codename of Barbara Gordon, former Batgirl and member of the Team . Like all of Batman’s protégés, Barbara takes her duties very seriously and like Batman, Nightwing and Robin, is a natural at leadership, often taking control when the situation calls for it.

Who was the original Robin in Young Justice?

In the original Young Justice comic series, the role of Robin was held by Tim Drake, rather than Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson (as Robin, Nightwing and Batman) has been a member of such teams as the Teen Titans, the Titans, the Outsiders and the Justice League of America.

Who are the main characters in Young Justice?

The series follows the lives of teenage superheroes and sidekicks, namely Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, and Arrowette, who are members of a fictional covert operation group referred to simply as ‘the team’ (but bear resemblence to the Teen Titans).