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What are some basic Japanese phrases?


What are some basic Japanese phrases?

Basic Japanese Phrases

  • Hai. Yes. はい。
  • Iie. No. いいえ。
  • O-negai shimasu. Please. おねがいします。
  • Arigatō. Thank you. ありがとう。
  • Dōitashimashite. You’re welcome. どういたしまして。
  • Sumimasen. Excuse me. すみません。
  • Gomennasai. I am sorry. ごめんなさい。
  • Ohayō gozaimasu. Good morning. おはようございます。

What are 2 useful phrases for travel?

General Travel Terms and Phrases

  • Hello.
  • Please.
  • Thank You.
  • You’re Welcome.
  • Excuse Me.
  • Sorry.
  • Yes.
  • No.

How do you say common phrases in Japanese?

The following are some essential, must-know phrases when communicating with Japanese people.

  1. Ohayou-gozaimasu (おはようございます): Good morning.
  2. Kon’nichiwa (こんにちは): Hello (during daytime only)
  3. Konbanwa (こんばんは): Good evening/hello (during evening/night)
  4. Arigatou gozaimasu (ありがとうございます): Thank you.
  5. Hai (はい): Yes.
  6. Iie (いいえ): No.

What does Japanese say before going out?

The phrase “Ittekimasu”, is typically used by a Japanese when they are about to leave somewhere, such as from the home or office. The closest literal translation would be “I’ll go and I’ll come back”. But a more natural translation is something like “see you later”.

How do you say I’m Travelling?

He knows you’re travelling. That’s why you’re there. A more appropriate answer is “I’m a tourist” or “I’m on holiday/vacation”.

How do you say I am in Travelling?

So, we can say “I’m on my travels.” or “I’m on a voyage/journey.”

What is Gochisousama Deshita?

Gochisosama deshita, or gochiso for a more casual setting, means “to run around,” or “to make every effort for the guest.” There are subtleties within that meaning as well, because gochiso means “luxurious food” or “feast,” even when the meal has been simple. Gratitude is an interesting sentiment.

What are some common Japanese phrases?

– I don’t understand. (わかりません。) Pronunciation: Wakarimasen. – What did you say? (なんていいましたか。) Pronunciation: Nante iimashita ka.

What are the basic words in Japanese?

Basic Japanese Words and Phrases for All Situations ありがとうございます (Arigatou Gozaimasu: “Thank You”) ごめんなさい (Gomen Nasai: “I’m Sorry”) はい or うん (Hai or Un: “Yes”) いいえ or ううん (Iie or Uun: “No”) 名前は_ (“Namae wa _”: “My name is ___”) _ です。(* desu*: “I am ”) いいですよ。(Ii desu yo: “It’s Good.”) だめです。(Dame desu: “It’s Bad.”)

How do you learn basic Japanese?

Start small with Japanese. The easy route to learning a new language is to get a basic vocabulary established and then moving on to writing assignments and grammar later. Be careful of trying to learn all of the names of a particular object; all languages have lots of ways of saying the same thing.