What happened to my scene website?


What happened to my scene website?

The official My Scene website (myscene.com) launched sometime in 2002. The website was part of Everthinggirl.com, which featured many sites for other doll lines by Mattel such as Barbie and Polly Pocket. The My Scene site closed in 2014 along with the Pixel Chix site and others. …

What happened to BarbieGirls?

BarbieGirls.com eventually shut down on June 1, 2011. Players were given notice in advance, and VIP Memberships were refunded. The official reason Mattel gave for the closure of the site was “BarbieGirls.com is closing as the Barbie brand is exploring new opportunities where girls can experience the best of Barbie.

Is there a Barbie website?

Welcome to Barbie.com!

How do I get to the old Barbie website?

To access the old Barbie website, go to http://origin.barbie.com/activities/fun_games/#princess-fairy. Some links work and go to their old places, while others, such as the Fashionista Photo Shoot Game go to this page http://www.barbie.com/fashionistas/#/PhotoShoot/ on the new site.

What happened to Barbie My Scene?

Mattel stopped selling the dolls in the US in 2008, but they continued to release the dolls in other countries, until Mattel stopped production on the line in 2011.

When did spark city world shut down?

Its currently unknown what happened to Spark City World, since Fuel Industries went bankrupt, the domain has not renewed and it has shut down since it hasn’t updated since February 2015, but the game was still playable until 2017. A tons of users have left the game due of the new chat system.

Do they still make Pixel Chix?

In 2009, Mattel discontinued the brand. The Pixel Chix are all voiced by Tara Strong, except Miss Sporty who is voiced by Katherine Von Till.

Can I call Barbie?

Our friendly customer service representatives should be in touch with you within 48 hours. However, response times may vary depending on the volume of e-mail. If you need immediate responses, please call the toll-free customer service number: 800-747-8697, on Monday through Friday 9a. m.

What can I buy on the Everything Girl website?

That’s because there are countless areas where products — from Barbie dolls and accessories to user-designed Polly Pocket tee-shirts — can be bought. That said, if parents are willing to overlook the material goods splashed on every page, the site does offer fun, interactive games sure to delight not-yet-tween girls.

What should parents know about the Everything Girl website?

On every page there’s a link to shopping pages and things to buy. Parents need to know that while this site provides fun games for younger girls about fashion and such, it’s run by Mattel and there are plenty of areas for product promotion. On every page there’s a link to shopping pages and things to buy.

Are there any old Everything Girl Flash games?

Here are the everythinggirl.com games and the disney channel flash games including sandwich stacker and tipton trouble. Yencore Kidcore Childhood Memories 90sChildhood ToysSailor MoonVirtual PetRetro Aesthetic90s KidsOld ToysPet ShopLife Hacks